Ø All wool-flocked saddles will settle with consistent use and horses will change shape with differing levels of activity, age, growth, feed and discipline. Please be aware of these changes and how they may affect saddle fit. Your saddle should have the flocking checked and possibly adjusted to accommodate these changes.

Ø Intense sunlight, dampness, dirt and extreme dryness are leather’s worst enemies. Clean saddles actually ride better. After each use, wipe all surfaces clean with a slightly dampened sponge and glycerin soap. Then wipe completely dry and store in a cool, dry place, preferably with a cover. If preferred, lightly oil light colored saddles before use to darken to preferred color. Oil should be allowed to dry completely before another coat is added. Oil or condition saddle as needed to prevent excessive dryness but never saturate leather with oil or any leather care product. Products with ingredients similar to those occurring naturally in leather, such as fat and tallow are generally preferred. Petroleum based products are not recommended. To avoid abrasion, wipe inside of boots before mounting. For lighter colored saddles oil with "Hydrophane Leather Dressing " or Neatsfoot oil to achieve the preferred color. This will protect it from the sun and help maintain its suppleness. Use a UV leather protectant to guard against sun-fading on all saddles.

Ø In Colorado’s dry climate, conditioning your saddle once/month is recommended. If the saddle is new, condition it 2-3 times the first week, once per week for the first month and once per month thereafter. Apply a waterproofing conditioner and UV leather protectant as needed.

Ø To supple flaps and reduce break in time, roll them tightly inward and manipulate as you unroll them.

Ø Saddle pads should be cleaned regularly to avoid irritation to your horse’s back area. Avoid harsh soaps and fabric softeners and be sure to run your pads through the rinse cycle twice to remove traces of soap, fly sprays, etc.

Ø Stirrup leathers should be rotated left and right regularly to ensure a balanced ride. The billets and stitching attaching them should be checked on a regular basis for any undue wear. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for the safety of the rider.

Ø When storing your saddle on a saddle rack, put plenty of pads under the saddle to maintain the integrity of the flocked panels.