"Alice was wonderful to work with! She took the time to help me find the perfect saddle that fit both me and my horse - and from over 1000 miles away. I recommend her to anyone who needs to find a saddle that truly fits."

-Elisha Trombley
Youngsville, LA

"Alice did an outstanding job of fitting a new County saddle for my horse Arte.  Arte is quite narrow, so it took a custom fit, and several adjustments.  Alice took a lot of time with us, and even checked Arte's back after a day in the show ring....just to make sure that he was comfortable.  My horse loves to jump, and yet he has never been sore or anxious about being saddled....all because Alice took the time to make sure he had the proper fit.  I highly recommend Alice to anyone who has a concern about proper saddle fit"

Elizabeth Hund and Arte

I have two upper level dressage horses with especially sensitive backs, who tighten, become stiff and uncomfortable to ride if their saddles are not to their liking. After trying many, many different makes of saddles over many years, I have found that County Perfection saddles have made a world of difference for both my horses and me. They are able to relax and go to work much more quickly, with virtually none of the resistances I used to encounter, and I am far less fatigued in my lower back, hips and knees! At 60, and still riding on average 4 horses per day, this is an immeasurable help, and will, I am sure, extend my productive riding and training years.

Also, my County Rep, Alice Kremers, is so responsive and knowledgeable! When I have a problem or question, she is always right back to me with a solution, and she won’t try to sell me something I don’t need. I truly don’t understand how someone can buy a saddle out of a catalog and expect it to fit both horse and rider. County’s service is unparalleled, they have such a wide range of products to fit so many different needs, and they really take care of their customers.

                             see some of Frances' achievements ....
Frances Carbonnel of Classical Legacy

Te Amo our Dutch Warmblood had outgrown his saddle. He had just went through a growth spurt and now his old saddle was making his back sore. Cynthia Moore our trainer called Alice to our barn.  After measuring and trying a few different County saddles on him, we decided the Innovation was the best fit for him and our daughter Kirby. Alice walked and talked us through the whole process. There was never a doubt that Alice is a professional saddle fitter.  We have owned our County saddle for over a year now. Alice has become our friend. "We call her part of our team. Mo's comfortable saddle has been a huge part of his success. He was named CHJA Horse of the Year for 2008!"

Thanks so much Alice….and see you at the barn.
The Dyrendahl’s

My mare was always very tense in her back under saddle, and she tested unsound in her hocks and her front hooves. Purchasing a County Connection from Alice Kremers was a key element in a multi-part strategy to get her sound and relaxed. Alice had to make major adjustments to the flocking to get the saddle to correctly fit my mare's odd-shaped back, but now that she has a saddle that
fits correctly, in eight months Gracie has gone from unsound to schooling second-level dressage movements. Her trot is completely different, and her work ethic is excellent.

- Joan Beardslee, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Charlotte Kneeland, ARIA Director said “There was a huge
number of nominations in the Instructor of the Year
category, and so many of them were worthy. It's always
difficult for the committee to choose one winner, but Laura
really stood out.”

These are the 2009 achievements for Sarah Tredennick -- all in her County Innovation!

12th in the World Cup Qualifier at Holiday for Horses early Dec 2009 at WEF
8th at WEF in March 2009 in one of the 75K Sunday Prixs
1st and 4th in the Music City Grand Prix in May in Nashville
Ribbons in both Prixs in Colorado Springs in June
3rd in the 30K prix at the Colorado Horse Park in July
3rd and 4th in the Prixs at Estes Park Colorado in August
2nd and 4th in the Prixs in Tyler Texas in September
6th and 7th in the Prixs at the Kansas City Royal in October

Congratulations Sarah!

Note: Sarah Tredennick  has received no compensation from Alice Kremers or County Saddlery
Healthy, Happy, Horse Backs

I first met Alice Kremers with County Saddlery almost 8 years with my first horse. Treasure came to me a year before, at the age of 14 very underweight, with a sway back and some arthritis. After a year of good feeding and despite interventions to help his arthritis, his back was still desperately sore. My riding instructor encouraged me to call Alice Kremers with County Saddlery and have her evaluate Treasure's back and saddle fit. With her years of experience both in the saddle and on the ground fitting saddles, Alice has made a tremendous difference in our lives. With some additional options, Alice managed to fit us with the County Eventer that was near- customized for Treasure's unusual back. I noticed an improvement in his comfort almost immediately through his attitude and ability under saddle. Within months, all the anxiety
and hesitation he had at being saddle, disappeared. No more pinning back his ears or trying to bite me as I walked towards him with the saddle! Over the subsequent years, he has gotten to the point where he doesn't even notice me placing the saddle upon his back. We were finally able to have fun riding, all the while improving his back strength and his ability to get off his forehand. As his back has changed shape over the years, Alice has adjusted the flocking and saddle pads to keep him comfortable. I cannot thank Alice enough for being instrumental in giving Treasure and I 6 wonderful years of riding that we, otherwise, would not have had. This past January, I retired him at the age of 21, a happy and comfortable horse.?

My young horse, Johnny, came into my life approximately a year and a half ago at the age of 4. Fresh off the track, he was underweight and had a very sore back. Despite 6 months of light riding, chiropractic care and good nutrition, he was still trying to bite me and would smack his tail angrily when I would come near him with the saddle. Even though he is a "Chestnut" exaggerator, I knew his back hurt. I placed a call to Alice in January of 2009 and asked her to come out and evaluate him. Though his back was structured differently from Treasure's, he had just as much pain and even more anxiety with saddling. With my budget a bit tight after buying a second horse, Alice graciously suggested different saddle pads to improve the fit of my inexpensive "starter saddle" until I could buy his County. After 4 months, she returned and fit both Johnny and I with the County Innovation. I didn't believe that I could find a more comfortable saddle than the Eventer, but the Innovation fits both Johnny and I like a glove. He has no back pain after riding and his hesitation at being saddled is nearly gone. I believe that for a young horse, his comfort and the ability to move easily under saddle is key for both of us to enjoy his training. I'm delighted that he now has a very bright, comfortable future ahead of him.

Thank you again, Alice, for all you have done for myself and my horses!

Jennifer King

Lindsay Kendall and Tarko place 2nd in the Mile High Grand Prix, November, 2010!
Lindsay rides in the County Innovation